Armored Fist 3

Hallo guys

is out of there someone who knows what protection is being used in this game from UbiSoft?
Clony doesn’t find a protection…but i’m not so sure…cause there is a small light circle on the back of the cd …neare the center…
Thank you very much for help!! :confused:

Hi Mirenko,

Armored Fist 3 has no protection looking here. Next time use aray scanner it’s always up to date for scanning protected CDs and DVDs. Clony development stopped about one year ago it’s still a good scanner for audio protections and old PC games :).

Thank you very much Kalas …also for your suggestion (aray scanner)…thannxxxxxxx…

No problem Mirenko :slight_smile:

Yeah, its always best to scan with ClonyXXL then A-Ray Scanner, or vice versa just to confirm.

Here you have a very complete list of games with its copy-protections.

Armored fist 3 in its original version do not have any prot, but if you can see a very sighty ring back the CD, its almost sure it will be protected with LockBlocks. That prot is used on very old games that are re-released after a time. Anyway, with CloneCD, for example it will just be a matter of time. Maybe you will need about 30 min to read the entire CD, but once burned, works like original.
Good luck!

Thank you all…i burnt it…very quickly Alcohol 1.9.2 “No protection CD” profile…perfectly running…thank you !!