Armor plated Verbatim and TDK DVD-R

I recently saw some of these verbatims online and in shops:,DVD-R,8X&item=907

Verbatim Hard coat. Are these as good as the TDK armor plated discs:,DVD-R,4X&item=590

I have used some 2x TDK armor plate discs and they are awesome for resisting scratches.

I was wondering what the verbatims are like in comarison? Also, Francksoy might know the answer to this but do the 8x -R Verbs have a good reflectivity? I was planning on buying some for PS2 backups since having the high reflectivness and also scratch resistance would make them ultimate PS2 backup discs :bigsmile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Actually, I can answer just this part :bigsmile: (as I never tried these hardcoat Verbs, I only have used the TDK).

Yes, MCC 02RG20 has good reflectivity, and in my experience is one of the best discs for compatibility with players (only rivaled by Ritek G04/G05 in this area - but no need to say that these Ritek discs are to be avoided like the plague for other reasons… :bigsmile: LOL). They have been my favorite discs for very long, despite less “pretty” scans they are just as good as the 8X +R Yudens in my book. And rock stable. :cool:

Now if their technology for scratchproof is similar to TDK’s (I have no idea, though), be prepared for very ugly homemade scans! :bigsmile: - something in the coating of the TDKs upsets the PIE/PIF reporting of end-user drives. Actual readability is not affected in the least.
According to [B]Dakhaas[/B], the PIE/PIF reporting of end-user drives with these discs is in contradiction with what the professional analaysers say about these discs (I know that for you, this won’t come as such big a surprise… :wink: )

Thanks for the reply Franck.

Hehe, not a surprise at all with the quality scans.

My TDK G02 2x -R discs actually scanned not too badly however. I definitely think I’ll be hunting for some of these verbatims at a low price. I’ll post some scans (even though I am not a big believer of scanning) when I get them :slight_smile:

Just for fun, a rather edifying example… :bigsmile:
These dics play 100% fine, even in picky standalones!
(notice that the jitter, contrary to PIF, is excellent…)

Yes the jitter seems pretty damn nice!

A disc that plays in a picky standalone is much better than a pretty looking scan. If the PIF was really that high in reality, it would probably have some issues in a good standalone player.

Btw, do you have any links to tests done in professional devices with the Verb 8x -R?? I wouldn’t mind having a look at all their specs :slight_smile:

Those verbs look good, would’nt mind giving them a try although i dont think you can get them in the UK, never seen them here or the TDK ones. I personally would’nt use them for ps2 backups because they would proberly cost twice as much as non scratch resistant discs here. Or are those TDK’s the same as the scratch resistant ones ?

I have some of the Verbatim 8x DVD-R Hard Coat Protection discs. I can’t say if they are as scrath resistant as the TDK 8x ScratchProof discs, because I can’t get myself to scratch a perfectly good disc that costs > €1 per disc. I have scratched one of the TDK discs because I had to reburn a disc, and the TDK 8x ScratchProof discs are definitely much more resistant than regular discs.

The scans of my TDK 8x ScratchProof discs are not impressive, but Transfer Rate Tests are flawless and they play fine in my players.

Here are some scans of TDK 8x DVD+R ScratchProof (TDK 002):

Here are some scans of TDK 8x DVD-R ScratchProof (TTH01):

Here are some scans of Verbatim 8x DVD-R Hard Coat Protection:

Well, my 2x and 4x TDK Armor Plated DVD-Rs (MIJ), and Maxell Broadcast Quality (with MAXPRO Hardcoat) scan beautifully! I’d be more inclined to write off crappy results with MIL TDK as a result of TDK Luxembourg’s shoddy quality control.

It may be that the QC in TDK’s Luxembourg plant went down in the late 8x and 16x DVD days, but the CD-R from Luxembourg were good media. :frowning: