Armed assault dvd computer game

Hi, I purchased this game from germany not out in the us yet and i dont want anything to happen to it so i down loaded alcohol 120 , and tried to put it on a dvd but no luck . I know it has securom 7 , it runs but when i click play it will ask for original disk. thanks

What settings did you use to create the image? And are you running it from an image or did you burn it back to DVD?

i tried mounting it on a virtual drive with no luck and burning it on a dvd with no luck. can you point me in the right direction.i just used the default settings.

Looks like you have made a poor image. Therefore you will most likly need to re-image the game.

Need to know the copy protection on it? You can do this by scanning the disc with Aray Scanner or Protection ID.

Finally what is your burner make and model? There are difference between what they can do.

As it is a DVD you can only do this in Alcohol at present. Try lowering the read speed when you make the image.

Another thought is that you could try using Daemon Tools or GameJackal. These don’t copy the game but will create an image and then emulate the copy protection so that you don’t need the disc anymore.


can you give me a link to a good guide to alcohol 120,I get to the start menu then click play and it tells me securom 7 and it knows alcohol 120 is running and says delete virtual drive and install original disc

securom7 nec dvdrw nd-3550a

Copying safedisc and securom protected dvds with alcohol using RMPS emulation. This guide is for an emulated physical backup.