ARM Launches Hollywood Approved Anti-Piracy Processor



Chip manufacturer ARM has announced a Hollywood-approved video processor that enables content producers to prevent piracy on mobile platforms. The Mali-V500 video chip features hardware embedded anti-piracy capabilities which secure playback of high-definition video. According to ARM the new chip meets the toughest anti-piracy standards for mobile devices.




It looks like another one has to learn the hard way about DRM and marketability.


In other news: China can dissect any chip and rebuild it without the drm crap within 24 hours.


I’m sure it’ll be every bit as “effective” as what HDCP has done to stop people ripping Blu-ray. :bigsmile:


One thing’s for sure: this crappy processor (without the Chinese mods) isn’t worth the toilet paper it’s printed on. :Z


Manufacturers still have the option to use the drm free Mali 400 gpu, right?