Arita Pink 8x and PS2 Games - Bad?!

Well I buy some PS2 backups every week or two from my mate to keep me occupied over the weekend. And a few of my friends asked to lend them and I thought “Bugger that you’ll scratch them to hell!”. So I got a few titles and stuck them in my PC to copy. I decided it would be best to do 2 backups of each title.

Anyway the ‘original’ backups (This is getting very confusing!!) used a mix of RiData and Arita Pink media, so I decided to use the Arita Pink media as I had no RiData and wanted to use my pinks up.

The games burnt fine using Nero at 6x however it seems that one of the 2 backups plays fine while the other has errors in it (i.e. Freezes up, sound glitches etc). Both were burnt on 2 identical NEC 3500 drives with the same (modifed) firmware.

Why is this happening? Should I use media such as RiDisc instead?

If you owned the originals then you could have backed them up with good media at slow speeds but as you dont this post will more or likely be closed as what you are doing is illegal and against the forum rules…