Arita 8x +R 50 pack - $9.99 free shipping at the Egg



Media code is either RicohJPNR02 or RITEKR03

.20 a disc!

I just ordered a pack to see how they burn. :wink:

Anyboy else have any experiences with these discs?


I bought a few. They work for those relatives that are always wanting a freebie and for making backups of movies you really didn’t like anyway.


sounds like nice stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


RicohJPNR02 isn’t as good as RicohJPNR01?


In my experience, RicohJPNR01 is better than R02 most of the time… but it depends on the batch.


Arita is generally a lower grade of whatever media code it may be, whether RICOHJPN or RITEK. Their +R discs are usually ok for casual uses though, but dye streaks, scuffs and scratches are common. These are the same discs that Newegg often has for free after rebate in the 25 packs, this deal for the 50 packs has been on their site for a week or so, if you just need some cheap, decent everyday discs then they should suffice. I’ve bought the 25 packs 3 or 4 times and RITEK R03 and RICOHJPN R02 are both common. RICOHJPN R02 and R03 are not as good as your average batch of R01, but they can still be good at times - it’s just that their quality has gone downhill alongside Ritek’s quality since Ritek makes the discs.


Just got mine and they are Ritek R03. Did one test burn on my NEC 3500, scanned on my BenQ 1620 got about 50K PIE and 1300 PIF, QS of 97. Not great, but not horrible either, good enough for backing up kids’ DVDs.


ALL set to default 8x burn speed


I’ve had premium Verbatim MCC 004 that didn’t look as good. :wink:


I burned some Arita Discs +R 2.4x on a dvd recoder a few years back they still fine today, at the time I need 2.4x and that was all I could find.
A paid about $5 for 25 shipping extra tigerdirect


Got mine and also RO3. Seems to burn satisfactorily in my 1655. Fine for general purpose.


My batch seem to be a mixture of short ends of both RicohJPNR02 and RitekR03 batches with about 15 Ricoh and 35 Ritek. Although some people seem to dislike Ricoh discs, I’ve had excellent luck with them. I don’t think the “regular” price w/ shipping on these discs is very good considering that I got a mixed batch of shorts. You could probably do better with a true batch of Ridata in the cakebox.

Burned at 8x, 1655, SB on kn/ukn, OS off, WOPC on with CD Speed; scanned on the LiteOn 1633 w/ CD Speed – ignore the date, this is a reburn.

Read test with the NEC 7170.


I got a couple 25packs off the 'Egg for free (with hardware purchase), both were Ritek R03.

I actually had quite suprisingly good results with them, burns were consistant, longevity good so far.