Arita 80 Min 24 X


anyone has used these yet?
i’m up to buying 100 of them @
so if u have used them and think they really suck PSE TELL ME…

I used a ARITA CD-RW yesterday. It was only a Brand new Max 4X but the Third one that I opened up and it had an Imperfection that has passed though Quality control. Which it should Have not. On the Blue writing site, it looks like a Manufacturing Fault where a small Section from the centre of the disk has like a bit Of Dye Missing. Which Is even Visible on the other side. Very Poor. Looks like a Birth Mark. That has Skidded across the Disc. It will write but the Data is Unreadable. If is a Decent manufacturing plant they should use Sensors to pick a Up a Imperfection like this at Before Packaging Factory.I personally will not be buying this brand again.

Arita is normally prodused by Ritek, which is around average quality.

If you buy some, be nice and post the manufacturer information here along with your thoughts on quality…

ok sure i will, but it will only be in a couple of weeks i buy them.
Saw on the site ( they dont sell CDRW 4x anymore,
so perhaps u had an quite old product, hopefully quality control improved since then

I have used over 400 Cd-r over the past 4 years and this was the first and hopefully the last. Always check the recording surface before use. I did and notice the Mark , so I thought I would still try to Write as it was the first disk I have ever has with a Problems. May be I was Just Unlucky? LoL CD-R(W) $0.90 Australian. I wondered why they were so Cheap.