Argue that burers wont read CD-R without ATIP hiding

I have a Lite-On 48125W and when I make a copy of Securom 4.8+ The only thing that reads them is burners. Now I have tried on 4 systems, all with the exception of my system, do not have any other burning software other that EasyCd Creator.

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When you say SecuROM 4.8x copy are you referring to a RMPS backup?

You need to enable the RMPS emulation so any drive can read the disc’s contents.

I have no emulation running. But CDR’s seem to be the only drive that will Install and run. BTW, I am only refering to Black Hawk Down. I have UT 2003 and Hitman, they seem to work fine in any drive. Why is DFBHD such a miserable bitch??

Did you create your own BWA file or downloadit from somewhere?
my expirience was I downloaded the BWA file and had similar results to yours. however when I created my own BWA file the results were that the disc would play in any DVD rom or CD rom I tried it in.

I used Philambers guide to making the backup using alcohol 120 and building the BWA from blindwrite ( using twinpeaks to patch)

I have tried everything. Including my own BWA.
One thing I did notice thiugh, if I make a BWA with my CD-ROM (The one that wont read it) the BWA looks like complete shit, and you would think there is no way of it working, it acually loads the game within 30 secs. abut the install crashes at about 5%. But thats better than with a very good looking BWA. Then it takes up to 3-4 min to load and the install process wont even start.
Obviously there is more to the spikes on a BWA than nice and pretty curve.

What I found was I had to do the BWA file build at 1x AND do nothing else on the computer while it was building the BWA I even had to shut down my screen saver. I had a great looking BWA almost finished when my screensaver kicked in and it all went to hell.