Argo us (forced subtitles not displayed)

US release ARGO DVD. Backup copy Main Movie Mode (DVDFAB latest 9 ver) with both subtitles selected (English Normal, English Large) does not display the Forced Subtitles during playback as seen when playing back my studio copy. Any help… BTW when normal subtiles are selected they display ok… just during normal playback of backup the Forced subtitles don’t display.

Sorry but I’m not sure what the answer to this one is.

Is it that the subtitles aren’t there at all or will they display if you turn them on manually?

Proper closed captions aren’t that common here in the UK and it’s usually a normal subtitle stream.

Here’s a useful article that explains the difference between them.

I found some stuff saying that the earlier version of DVDFab didn’t handle proper closed captions so this could still be the case with version 9.