Arghhhhhh this is doing my head in!

I have tried several times recently to do full disc copies (spider man).

I am using DVD Decryptor (latest version) and copying in file mode.

it copies loads of files and they look identical to the original.

using dvd2one (113) i select the directory and full disc copy (for some reason i don’t get the option of variable or constant!)

it goes through i select the 6 and 2 channel sound files and hit go.

after it has done its stuff i try to copy using nero burning rom (again latest version) and i keep getting the disc is not big enough.

I am trying to copy it to a Philips +RW that is 4.7Gb nero only shows the stuff to copy as 4.5Gb yet it keeps bombing out.

I have the latest ASPI drivers

what the hell is going on?

You need DVD2one 120…

There’s 2 issues here.

1st - DVD2One has created a file too big - you’ll have to try again with a smaller target size

2nd - a DVDR holds only 4.38Gb - so 4.5Gb will never fit. It’s 4.7 Giga (i.e. x10^9) bytes, not 4.7Gigabytes (4.7x2^20). Think of it as a 2Mb floppy disc only holding 1.44Mb!

cheers, i will give it another go.

but if the target size is as per default 4472 why is it making is larger?

Because the old engine could not estimate the final size as good as the new engine can.

Sometimes it’s a bit of, that’s why i mostly sugested use 4400 or something like that.

We expliticly putted 4472 in the box because that should be the official size of a dvd recordable.