Arghh - help! CD burner killed by AnyDVD!

I am pretty new at all this, so please - simple explanations! I downloaded the trial of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 nearly three weeks ago, and I love them to bits. BUT I hit a snag a week ago and nobody has been able to help, so I am torn between buying programmes I love and… dumping the lot!

I am running Wondows XP Pro, and like I said - perfect backups with AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, but last Monday I needed to write some data to a CD, and nothing in the world would make it happen for me. I have two dual layer burners. AnyDVD jumped straight in and recognised the blank disks as CDR’s but whenever I tried to burn the data I kept getting the message that the drive was inaccessible and nothing happens - especially not anything that involves writing the data! AnyDVD appears to be blocking Windows from detecting the CD and using it to burn data. CD’s burned previously work fine - I can get the data from them, but I can’t write anything.

I tried turning off the autostart and re-booting - didn’t help.

I did send a query to Slysoft but I haven’t had an answer - and I am DESPERATE!

First off, you didn’t mention the obvious: if you tried uninstalling AnyDVD. In the unlikely case it was causing your problem that should do the trick. Also, from your post, it appears your trial period is running out anyway; so if you “love them to bits” you may want to purchase them and get full tech support for their products. The only other time I’ve heard this happening is when people tried to use bogus pirated keys, which I’m sure is not your case.

I’m running windows xp and I run into the same problem with writing data to disks. For some reason the drives occasionally turn themselves off.
Open up My Computer and right click on the drive you are wanting to write to.
Open Properties and then click the tab marked Recording. Re-Check the write Enable CD writing on this drive. Click the apply button at the bottom of the page and you will be able to write data again on CDs.

This disappearing act sounds alot like it’s related to the new “disabling of DVD43” feature in AnyDVD. Maybe it is disabling a codec or windows service or registry key that other programs need to write to disks? Wild guess. Too many “disappearing” posts here, and at the AD forums, this last week.

What version of AnyDVD are you guys using. The version # please: no “latest” or “current” postbacks please. :disagree:

I had a similar problem as well, while loading software onto a new system I have just put together.
During the sequence of loading several programs, after loading AnyDVD, my optical drives became unable to detect any data on any disks that I loaded to them.

After a bit of experimenting, I was able to get them to work again by uninstalling AnyDVD, rebooting, & reinstalling AnyDVD.
After reading the above post, a check showed that enable cd recording had become unchecked on one of my drives, that had previously been enabled.

The enable recording box under properties is just for the Windows burning program, made by Roxio. It shouldn’t have anything to do with burning with other programs.

J.P. Thanks loads :smiley: Problem solved! AnyDVD had indeed somehow disabled CD writing on the drive.

Thanks everyone else for the advice too. I am happy to report that I am now going to purchase my beloved programmes! But I do agree with the post about “disappearing” problems. Before posting myself I had read an awful lot of them here and elsewhere over the last week - none of them exactly like my problem, but perhaps its a strong hint to Slysoft to notice that something is happening - and at least start warning us about it? As it turns out it was a small and easily resolved problem (aren’t they usually?), but these are the sort of intractable ones that put people off. Whilst I appreciate bret34’s point that if I had actually purchased it already I may have got better technical support - why would anyone want to purchase something that had apparently screwed up and no help was available to put it right?

But thanks to everyone again!

I would further add to this post that since installing the beta of AnyDVD that had the disabling of DVD43, my virus scan program (McAffee) has had a quirk on start up. Where as it would ordinarily load enabled, it now loads disabled requiring me to manually enable it, even though it is configured to load, and be functional on start up.
Prior to installing, McAffee worked seemingless with AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, which I admit is unusual, give the amount of posts other forum members have made due to problems with virus scan, and packet writing software causing compatibility issues.