Argh! Tivo to dvd (why the pain?)

Well Sonic MyDVD crashes if you look at it wrong. I just spent almost 2hrs editing out commercials and adding chapters to a 1hr show. The program is so slow, and freezes after every little change. This is the 4th time this has happend on the last 4 shows I’ve tried. So tried the following process to be able to edit the tivo files in TMPGEnc Dvd Author:

  1. Download from tivo
  2. Convert with Directshow Dump
  3. Use DVDpatcher to change 1st header only horizontal to 720 (so video works in TDA)
  4. Author with TMPGEnc Dvd Author
  5. Use DVDpatcher to change 1st VOB horizontal back to 480
  6. Burn with copytodvd.

Editing with TMPGEnc Dvd Author took all of 7 mins to do the same thing that took 2hrs in mydvd.

After editing then repatching to 480, the dvd plays fine in my pc using windvd, but when I put it into my toshiba standalone dvdplayer, the video is not centered? The begining of the show starts about 3/4 of the way on the screen and the show wraps back around so that on the left hand side of the screen is the rest of the show. The dvd works in my PS2 and my girlfriends Sony dvd player perfectly though. I have been told this is happening because the video when finished is not in dvd-compliant form (it’s 480x480) and the only encoding software I have is MyDVD, which again is bad!! Is there a free, good, and easy to use encoder that will allow me to re-encode the 480x480 to dvd complaint form?

Here is an example of how it looks on my toshiba: show should look like ABCD, but actually looks like DABC on the screen. Hope you get this example.

I too am having this problem. I pull video off the TIVO, convert it to DVD. It plays fine Toshiba TV/DVD combo, but when I put it in my Onkyo (older) DVD, it plays uncentered (off-center). Anybody have any ideas?

Well from what I have been told and read about. The offcentering is due to the fact that the dvd we’re creating is non-dvd compliant. Most newer plays can read these fine. My toshiba/samsung reads it as uncentered, but my girlfriends 1year old sony plays them fine, as does my other friends newer toshiba. My want to by a new dvd player. even the cheap apex/cody players read these discs fine.

Does that TIVO only record in SVCD format???

After transfering the TiVo’d shows to PC with TiVoToGo, the video is 480x480. Not sure if thats SVCD or not?

Yes, it’s SVCD NTSC, a really crappy res. :frowning: