Argh - Powerpoint movies not working

I sincerely hope I can get some help here.

I am using MPEG_Streamclip to encode MPEG-4 snippets of film, for inclusion into a Powerpoint lecture. I finally figured out how to use it on either the original DVD or on the VOB files saved with DVD Decrypter (either way works to create an MP4 file). But I do not see how to then get it to work in Powerpoint. (I may have a quicktime problem that prevents the files from playing in powerpoint)

However, Powerpoint seems to like (and play) WMA files, but I have not found a reliable way to convert my MP4 to WMA files, and it does not seem possible to encode WMA using MPEG Streamclip. I have tried ImTOO and others but none of them either work well enough (ie too fast of speeds for clip, or audio only), or perhaps the freeware versions don’t give me the capabilities I want.

So - my question:

  1. Can I create WMA or MP1 files that will work using MPEG Streamclip?
  2. Is there a reliable and comprehensive program that works for converting video files from one format to another - I am willing to buy something if it actually works.

Thanks for any help.


Transferring to the CD Freaks’ ‘Video Edit’ forum…

Tim468 PowerPoint supports Mpeg4 (QuickTime mov) but only up to version 3. Anything over version 3 you will have to use the [B] Insert | Hyperlink [/B]option.
You can make a web page and Hyperlink to the file and it will work.
PowerPoint supports Avi and you can use Streamclip to convert it to Avi format or you can use [B]Super[/B] it’s [B] FREE[/B] to convert it to Mpeg1 or wmv format and use in PowerPoint.

You don’t need to buy anything all the programs you need are [B]FREE[/B] :slight_smile:

Smart thinking :slight_smile:

Well, I tried SUPER and was finally able to make wmv files that could play. My avi files would not play, though. That might be due to an improper Quicktime integration with Powerpoint.

I (staying with the [B]FREE[/B] theme) had used Quicktime Alternative for use with StreamClip, since I would have had to buy the MPEG encoders for Quicktime for $20. However, that seemed to leave my Quicktime functionality in Powerpoint no longer working. I may fork over the dough for the QuickTime encoder, since I really like Streamclip for it’s value in grabbing mini-clips. It seems that SUPER does not do that as far as I can see.

Thanks for the fast help (and moving my post!). :wink:


I think that before I paid money for QuickTime encoders, I’d look at a full featured editing tool that would include QuickTime formats for input and output, as many do.