ARGGG! problems with my 812

Well, I bought a spindle of Ritek G04 (-r) dvds, and every one I burnt had huge 800 PI and PIF spikes in Kprobe. When I burnt dvds, they would skip very badly in those spots.

So, I just got a spindle of Ritek +r’s hoping it would be better, well there are far less spikes, and they only go to about 200 PI and PIF on kprobe.

I am running a 812 with US0Q firmware. Could anyone help me with this? I have tried burning the - riteks with different firmware (832 firmware too) and it still had this problem

Here is a kprove of my new ritek + media

have a search for my name in threads. i have done many tests on ritek G04 as this about all we can buy in UK .i have been using sony VY06 firmware on my 832 and results for ritek G04 - are amazin. this is an excelent formware for - burning. if you want to burn + then use the quality patched codeking firmware…
also simultanous pi and pio spikes (same place) are usualy nothing to worry about.this can be anything from a reading glitch to a speck of dust on the disk.
you can right click in the window and remove highest value to bring the spikes down for a more accurate read in kprobe

rescan the disc at 4x and post the results.

how do you patch a liteon burner with sony firmware?

Before you change the firmware, rescan the disk and check if the spikes are read or write problems. Reading spikes are common for kprobe tests and can be ignored if they occur just a few times at different positions.
If you get the spikes at the same position, check the DVD for dust or scratches. If this is no dust problem, check your next burn for buffer underuns during buring and scan again.

you can cross flash firmwares that are on codekings page of firmwares.the reason they can be cross flashed is the sony is a rebadged liteon 832. i had an 812 flashed to 832 and then flashed now to a sony. they have to be run through omnipatcher first though.
get the unscrambled VY06 firmware from codeguys page and the omnipatcher…load the firmware into omnipatcher and select cross flashing and auto bitsetting…the rest are trial and error and mostly for + burns…dont do any write strat swaps as yet…then flash.
dont forget also that the liteon learns after flashing to a new firmware so give it 4 burns before ya start to panic. (multisession 4 burns on 1 dvd is fine).
and as ala42 says…kprobe scans should be done at 4x (same speed as burn)