Arg! -- help me convert an .swf to .mp3?



I’ve been working on this all morning and can’t seem to succeed in such a simple task. Given, I am a 23-year-old female with only minimal expertise with this sort of thing.

There’s an embedded video online (

I want the audio from it.

I looked into saving embedded videos, and ended up installing a Firefox add-on called “Down It All”. Seems like a nice little app and gave me .swf files on my desktop. It then looked up “swf converters” on Google and tried two. One was awful and made no sense. The second one converted the files into AVI right away but they don’t play in any of my players.

So I have no idea if the issue is with the original .swf download or the conversion.

Because I probably won’t need to do this ever again, would some kind person out there be willing to save the video for me? I have Digital Media Converter which will definitely convert anything to an .mp3, so if someone could even put the darn thing into .mpg or .avi format, I could do the rest.

Thank you!


I use IE7 for this.

  1. Click Tools – Internet Options
  2. In the General Tab, click the Settings button available in the Temporary
    Internet Files group.
  3. Click View Files to open your Temporary Internet Files folder.
  4. Click View Sort by : Size / Descending.Because the file is usually one of the largest.Depending upon the webpage, there could one or more Flash files
    (Shockwave Flash Object ,FLV,MP4,etc) This includes FILE extension.
    You have to wait for the video on the web site to finish.
  5. Once you find the right flash file, right-click and choose Copy. Then paste
    the FILE (in this case)file in any other directory.

In the case of the video in your link . In IE7 it was just type : FILE .
I copied & saved that to a folder. Then renamed it to .flv . Which is what it really was a Flash video. If Digital Media Converter won’t extract a .mp3 for you from this try Format Factory.

In my IE TIF the name was : flash?nmid=57465060 Size : 9,766KB

BTW I did save the video for now but I don’t know how to get it to you.



LadyJemima, with FF try DownloadHelper and then this…It works!!


Mr. Belvedere & t0nee1 , I was able to copy the Flash videos LadyJemima wanted using the method I posted above.
They were just FILE with no extension. I added the .flv extension & it became an .flv .
I went ahead & did the conversion to .mp3 & uploaded all to LadyJemima.
I think if I had just sent the .flv files the Digital Media Converter she already had would have converted the .flv’s to .mp3’s.


That’s great cholla!..The clip(flv) contains mp3 audio, which you can just [I]extract[/I] with FLV Extract…No conversion needed…
Whatever works!..:cool:


I gave FLV Extract a try & it produced approxamately the same result as Adobe Rich FLV.
This is with FLV Extract :

This is with Adobe Rich FLV:

This is the one I “converted” :

The last one sounds better to my ears & I hope LadyJemima’s.
She wasn’t able to get the .flv from the website. So wasn’t able to use any of the software.
I hope she will try to learn to do that. The IE method I posted works most of the time for this. I thought by doing it for her this time she might be encouraged to learn.