Aressted development season 3 dvd set

has anyone else have a chance to back up this set on these dvds im not listing anything yet unless some others have problems but i did try it with the most recent clone dvd and it wont pick up the previews of the sections and it gives out an unexplained error any dvd does show what it is with no errors right now im trying voblanker and burning from there this is very similar to resident evil2 if i remember correctly jus kinda keeping informed so if someone else has trouble

ok follow up-----i only have the first 2 disks right now i put disk 2 in and it is fine it appears to be disk one i have all virus protection off and freshly rebooted im going to try disk 2 and see if it goes all well and reboot and try disk one again

@ Balistic-1

Please use normal sentence structure and use a period after each sentence. It is extremely difficult with your failure to use normal sentence structure to make much sense of your rambling postings in this thread.

Until you take the effort to clearly explain your problem in a manner that is understandable I doubt that any Forum Members will be able to understand your rambling postings and be able to provide any assistance to you.

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Well,i’m so sorry i’m not using proper english, especially in a chat forum! I am not asking for help, i am asking to see if anyone else is having a similiar issue. I may have shorthanded my thread somewhat but I do believe most will understand the issue especially if they are trying to back up as well. If anyone else has problems reading this as well i am sorry but its late and I am running back and forth to a few computers trying to figure out the problem so I can post some helpful advice

ok a follow up i think the whole prob was a glitch on my part after a successful copy on disk 2 i put disk one back in and it took off im not sure what the answer was but mods please delete its not a problem to look into