Area 51

would you like to visit area 51 and what do you think you would find there?

Absolutely not!

Area 51 officially does not exist, which means not a single law or rule is valid. This gives the community of area 51 the possitiblity to do various experiments with various chemicals on the area. If you happen to be exposed to such dangerous junk, you’re out of luck.

Hmm, now I’m thinking: What do they keep in those 50 other areas that we never hear anything about?

I bet the really interesting, weird and scary stuff are kept in those areas! :wink:

hmm, i wonder where that plane goes after it leaves McCarran airport :rolleyes:


Probably here Cherry Patch Ranch


LOL! :bigsmile:

I think this Area 51 discussion is sooooo boring,I wanna go to Area 52!

Maybe you could check out the other 50 with Drage :bigsmile:

I’ve been there. It’s just as boring. :eek:

Good…Our procedures for clearing your mind have worked…

You’d have mine done in about 0.3 seconds :bigsmile:…I’d imagine wobble’s took a bit longer :wink:

:eek: Why I was laughing??? :doh:


We are dooooomed to the boring forum where not even a political thread is fun anymore…

There’s a ninja on the forum who has been to Area51 and should know all about it! :stuck_out_tongue:

And now I’m curious …
Area 51 … so there were 50 before it … and now it doesn’t exist either …
Obviously they play with big fireworks, or similar, in these areas … and they are used … until something goes wrong.