Are your HD's Full?

A quick glance at the status of my HD’s suggests I have alot of cleaning up to do.
Between duplicate files, moving OS’s to new HD’s, downloads, backups of other peoples HD’s, DVD Rips/conversions & etc … I’ve managed to almost fill 600GB’s of HD space on one PC & another 180 on a spare PC.

So how full are your HD’s?

I manage to nearly always keep 50% clean. I feel dirty when my HDD overfill. :sad:

I’ve got about 1.7Tb of harddrive space and about 100Gb left. The reason why? I crashed a RAID-0 last night. Before that time I had about 2Gb of free space. I love having this free space, but I hate loosing my data (nothing important was on there btw…).

If there was nothing of import on the drive(s) you lost why keep it? :confused:

Cough Pr8n Cough

Shouldn’t that be a 0 not an 8 :slight_smile:

I remove stuff when I get to about 15% free space from my main hdd to my others then back up to DVD at a later date. That reminds me I realy must defrag the externals soon.

Too much stuff on the int@r n0d.

Because there’s lots of data that’s only there for “fun”. Stuff like MP3s, images, videos etc. No, no pr0n (this time :p). Unimportant but fun stuff though…

Living on the edge , p0rn is very space hungry =)

All 4 of my HD’s have about 10% used space so I normaly have over 550Gb of free space if I ever need it. The drive I use for ripping and burning sometimes gets close to full though.:slight_smile:

Never… because it’s too energy-inefficient to run all the HDDs at once.

Nope, I like to keep it <50% full and defragged. A little OCD :slight_smile:

I have well over a terrabyte between two computers and it’s not that uncommon for me to have to empty the recycling bin/delete stuff (on either machine), just to have enough working space to burn a dvd. It seems no matter how much I clean up, I fill it back up in no time. I plan on doing a massive burning session putting a lot of it onto dvd soon, but knowing me, I’ll have it filled back up in no time.

Silly me … Pr8n is on the Raid1 (mirrored) array, not the striped array … Can’t afford to lose the pr8n collection :wink:

Now you got the right idea!!!

I’ve never heard of an HD with underwear on its head getting past 5% full :stuck_out_tongue:

according to windows -

size / available

200GB on ye old beast & 1.3TB in the current beast …
If ya fill that up … you’d better also stock up on moisturising cream :stuck_out_tongue:

the wonderful world of bit torrent…a ton is ROIO material… :wink:

Arrrrrgh! Indi music :stuck_out_tongue:
My ears are killing me, just thinking about it :stuck_out_tongue:

No! I’m serious! My ears have picked up a knife and are swinging it at me…