Are you worried about the new ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard

They are saying that a new broadcast standard is going to be replacing current broadcasting reception. Which will make your current t.v. obsolete? Are you angry that you will have to buy a new t.v. that can receive the new broadcasts? :expressionless:

Get your facts straight!

" In November 2017, the United States’ Federal Communications Commission approved regulations allowing broadcast stations to voluntarily offer ATSC 3.0 services. If a United States broadcaster elects to begin transmission of ATSC 3.0, they must also broadcast ATSC signals for at least five years thereafter. There is not a mandatory transition or deadline to transition to ATSC 3.0 as existed for the transition from analog NTSC to ATSC."

There is NO forced deadline currently for mandatory implementation & ALL stations MUST continue to broadcast with the old standard for a minimum of 5 years AFTER the law passes for mandatory implementation.

Also if your TV does not support ATSC 3.0 and you want to receive ATSC 3.0 signals, you will be able to use an external converter box so you DO NOT have to change your TV.

The old standard will still be present & available around the world for decades to come because NOT every country nor region is going to adopt the new standard due to severe costs & nuisance.

The other bad factor in all this is the targeted advertisements that they plan to introduce even though the privacy commission says they cannot.

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Yeah! I know? , you can buy a converter box?. But I think that t.v. manufactures should offer to consumers either free or low cost tech repair to put in the new part so you don’t have to do that? Or they
should allow you to trade in your t.v. for one that can support the new standard. That’s just my opinion? :expressionless:

I like the fact that you alerted our members here about the new upcoming standards & this will help them to keep their eyes open to new stuff as it emerges onto the marketplace.

The only thing I don’t like is the fact that no retailer is advertising about the converter boxes yet. I believe they are hoping to sell ( at much higher cost) newer TV’s to their customers vice carrying cheaper converter boxes. I learnt about the converter boxes on various technical/electronics sites. It was also those sites that alerted me to the intended targeted advertisements that will be sneaked into various shows/movies regardless of the privacy commission rules. Time will tell what actually transpires.
Thanks again for alerting the masses :o)

If this goes down the same as the NTSC -> ATSC, conversion box start appearing when the new standard becomes readily available. These boxes become commodity items as the old standard is about to be discontinued.
For myself, my old NTSC TV was just about over the hill at the time I added a conversion box to my system.

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For the new standard? Where did you buy it? Was the price reasonable?

Oh maybe you didn’t understand my post. I won’t even think of buying a converter until the last possible minute. So no I don’t have one yet. The old NTSC converter was given to E-waste years ago.

Yeah! sorry I thought you had gotten one. like I said before? I wish t.v. manufactures would let people trade in their t.v’s. Or at least give you a discount on a new one.

Firstly, as a Retailer in Canada, this is the first time I’ve heard anything about a change in standards.
Since it hasn’t been officially adopted nobody is even thinking about manufacturing converter boxes.
Vast majority of the population is hooked to either cable or satellite so it won’t affect them in any way shape or form. Only those who rely on “over the air” will be affected.
As for the manufacturers being responsible for impossible modifications to their TV for free? If the government suddenly dictated the we are all going to have to drive on the left hand side of the road (ala Great Britain) would you expect the auto manufacturers to convert every vehicle in North America to right hand drive for free?
Lastly, due to the fact that consumers now want “shiney, shiney, new” instead of durable and reliable, a great many will purchase a new TV every 3-5 years anyway. Consumers also want cheap, cheap cheap, and that’s what is being flogged at the chain stores, a cheap TV won’t last 5 years.

The other item many people miss is that when they go to buy a TV, ensure that it has a tuner to receive signals via a cheap antenna. If it doesn’t & it was advertised as a TV, you can get your money back 100% without hassle by LAW. Federal LAW since 2006 requires ALL TV’s have tuners, WITHOUT exceptions.
You can also sue them that sold it to you if they hassle you on the return without ANY cost to you under FEDERAL law.

This link describes more info/details & info on converter boxes. Site Published 08/07/2016
| Updated 04/18/2021

I have several DVRs that I use to timeshift TV shows.
I do all OTA no cable or satellite dish.
Even if I bought converter boxes for this the time & channel couldn’t be set to come on automatically.
So all of my DVRs would no longer do what I need if the government requires all OTA broadcast to go to
ATSC 3.0.

I was able to buy one converter when the broadcast went from Analog to Digital. that could do timed programming.
It did a poor job because it depended on broadcast stations having the correct time.
Most didn’t.
Still this would require a separate converter box for each DVR.
As well as setting the record time in both.

If this happens I believe the government should pay to replace TVs ,DVRs , & any other equipment that their change makes obsolete.
Changing the broadcast signal type once every 50 years should be often enough.

Seriously, you want tax payers to pay to keep you up to date?
I honestly didn’t think anyone was still using a DVR.
Most PVR’s in the UK can record 4 channels at the same time to a convenient built in HDD.
Even PVR’s are becoming obsolete with ‘Catch-up TV’.

We would still be watching in black and white at that rate.

In a simple answer Yes.
My DVRs are one channel record. They have a 500GB hard drive for recording …
The DVRs I have receive ATSC 1.0 with the tuner it has…
I don’t object to also broadcasting the new ATSC 3.0.
Just also keep broadcasting the ATSC 1.0.
Then no need to replace any of my equipment.

Here are the actual facts:

The first color broadcast in the USA was in 1954.
My math puts 50 years to that at 2004.
In addition the first Analog broadcast was in 1928.
Add 50 to that & you get 1978.
Well before the change to digital.
That was in 2009 for the final date of change to digital.

I believe this topic isn’t the place to discuss taxes.
I can tell you I pay taxes for many things that are no benefit to me.
Should I not have to pay taxes for what is not a benefit to me?
If that is your criteria for paying taxes.

The current proposed taxes in the USA & one set already passed for 1.9 trillion.
Another bill for about the same amount waiting to be passed or not.
If all that isn’t insane then my wanting to be compensated for a FCC rule that makes my equipment not work doesn’t seem that far out there.

The first colour broadcast in the UK was in 1969, so yeah we would just about be getting colour TV’s into a good number of homes 50 years ago.

Well call me insensitive. But with a pandemic ravaging the world. I would hope that compensating people with taxpayers money for older TV equipment would be quite low on the priority list.

I would hope with a pandemic raging across the world they delay any transition like that. Also OTA TV can be handy in cases of local emergencies and other kinds of local disasters should you lose other kinds of services such as internet and cell service but not any electricity. It can also be very helpful in a severe weather outbreak.