Are you weird?

Lots of crazy people here, but do people also think you are weird? Weird as in “i don’t wanna hang out with you, because you’re weird” or “you’re cool! you’re weird! let’s hang out!”.

No, just being me.

is the question am I weird or are you weird…:wink:

I am, and so are you, but not to both our perspectives.

That sounded weird :slight_smile:

now see what happens when i sit in your lap …you go blabbing all our stuff out there :bigsmile: ya weirdo :bow:

I must be weird as I think all these polls are weird :confused:

ok already Taken… we forgive your weirdness because your from Oz…and we know that between debro and slayerkink…you can’t help but be weird…now go eat a roo and all will be clear…

So-called “normality” = boring.

Of course, being weird, I have to say that…

awww Archane…your weird…come on embrace it…love it…!!!

/me just felt weird after posting that…

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. I wear my weirdness with pride :bigsmile:

actually i thought i was normal till Mr B told me i was weird…i’ve not come completely to terms with my weirdness …as of yet…so hopefully when my shirt gets in …i 'll be more accepting

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro” - HST

People flatter themselves by declaring themselves wierd, everybody wants to fit in, but nobody wants to admit they are the same. Saying you are “wierd” is just a different way of saying “I have a strong personality and there is something special about me”.

I am often called wierd or eccentric, I take it as a complement, everybody is wierd, some are just wierder than most. Compared to those around me I am very out of the norm, and yes, I do feel good for this. Fortunatly those around me tend to see it as an asset rather than a flaw, saying that, they do think it very strange when I walked 20 miles at 4am during a party and didn’t get back till 9am.

Most people who are actually wierd will not think they are wierd, they will think there behavior is normal, thats if they think about there overall behavior at all.

Hmm!! a Skippy Steak. What a deliciously good idea. Doesn’t do much for clarity of thought though as my thought processes are constantly being interupted by these weird noises that go… boing!, boing!, boing! :confused:

Any other culinary suggestions to help us weird aussies? :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

LOL :bigsmile: - does that include your good self? :wink:

@Already Taken - can’t get weirder than an Aussie Aquarian :bigsmile:

I’m not quite as weird as i wish i was…

I’ll take that under advisement from my Leo wife. However, I think I already know what her answer will be. :wink: