Are you unhappy?

Can you truly say you are unhappy with your current life in all it’s various points of view ? Are you unhappy ?


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Hmm that’s a though question. Some time ago I fired a thread about true happiness, as I realised that I wansn’t happy as can be and I prolly never will be. I still didn’t figure out if that’s possible, as there is no such thing as perfectness.

If anybody asks me if I am unhappy, I don’t know what to answer. There are quite some things in life that I’m very happy about, but there’s also a gigantic number of things I really really really don’t feel happy about. So I guess I’m moderatly happy…

Strange eh … to state you’re not unhappy is far more easier than to state you’re happy. Being happy seems like someone thinks they have must achieved all their life goals and smilingly look towards the future , while not being unhappy can be just average life :slight_smile: Somehow the border of definition stretches when using double negatives.

Your poll is very confusing. Yes I’m happy, or Yes I’m not happy?

I go on buying binges all the effing time, what do you think? If I’m happy, I wouldn’t have to buy so much shit I don’t need while wasting money I might need down the road.

Most of the time i am unhappy, except when i am high…

I’m so happy, I’m bouncing off the walls! :bigsmile:
Or maybe that’s the caffeine & guarana in the V I drink every morning when I get to work cos of an serious case of physical exhaustion.

Most of the time I’m happy except when I’m not. :wink:

Happiness is for another life.

When i’m not thinking about school/finance i’m happy.

Do you need much money for your education?

Persons like me that has a height of 205 cm and thin, are most of the times unhappy because of being centre of jokes and normal problems with doors, cars, beds and a large etc.
Except being useful for some sports, I had preferred a height of 180 cm :a

I understand that tall persons call the attention but is something that avoids me a lot of times enjoy all I would want in discos, concerts, pubs…
May be people think that we are of another planet :confused:

(most of time) a good job,
a good girlfriend :iagree: ,
and some really good friends…
everything fine… :wink:

ok, the money-thing might be (a lot) better, but this way i have more dreams… :wink: :smiley:

Sure, as happy as I “can” be. Wife & a dog that are important to me and I have a job that pays the bills. Would I like to hit the lottery? Yea. Then I could quit my job, but, not until I went to work for about a month being a royal pain in the rear. :>)

As happy as the circumstances allow me to.

I would sign to live the rest of my life like I’m doing now. So I guess I’m happy :slight_smile:

I learned to divide people into two groups at a young age: one that respects people on their intelligence, and the other that respects people on their appearnce. It’s easy to do because most people are stupid enough to prove themselves by laughint at others who don’t resemble them or don’t match their images of superior beings. But that’s only pathetic, with nothing better to think about.

Most people on the streets of Seoul, Inchon, Busan, and Gwangju born before 1960 despise my wife after seeing she’s on wheelchair or on stick, but some children born after 1990 are not much different from the senior citizens. What’s always unsettling to me is that, they make it so apparent in their eyes. That does not make my wife any more inferior, but they belong to a past that should have been forgotten never to come back long ago. Many South Koreans say I am cruel and inhuman.

I don’t understand koreans :confused:

Why do they think you are cruel & inhuman? :confused::confused:
Sometimes you have to be a cold-hearted bastard, otherwise people take advantage of your niceness :wink:

Because that makes them right. You already know I’m cynical.

And why would you want to make them right? :iagree:

Just do what makes you happy.
Everyone else can’t agree on what makes them happy, so no matter what you do, someone is not gonna be happy :slight_smile: So might as well make yourself happy, and leave everyone else to do what they need to do to make themselves happy :wink:

They need to empower themselves :stuck_out_tongue:

When has servitude ever been part of the grand scheme of things?