Are you sure LiteOn burn better DVD+R?



I’ve burned 3 DVD-R in all my life but this
Verbatim DVD-R 8x certified burned @8x with default strategy and Nero…

…is my best DVD :iagree:

I’ve never seen similar results with DVD+R, like MCC and TY but i can read that DVD+R with LiteOn give better result :doh:
It’s true?


liteons perform better on +r media in general but there are surely some exceptions like your disc.

btw: disable the disc-label showing


Traditionally, they have done better with +R. But with the recent models, I personally find that they’re about equal. :slight_smile: Just my personal experience; YMMV


Unless you’re using fake TY DVD-R :frowning:


why should he disable? perhaps it’s personal backup…


I get equal quality with both formats now on my 1693 which is just a slight update from your model. The only exception is MCC 003 which I have to burn at 6X. It is made by three different manufacturers so this is not true for everyone and 6X is no big loss.