Are you straight?



no it’s the truth :iagree: :bigsmile:


so is the dirty mind part. :iagree: :smiley:


nah i’m past puberty


That has nothing to do with puberty.


We should call you the “Smiley Queen” (Yes, queen ;))


How did you figured out that I’m a women? :smiley:


I just wanted to say queen. Smiley King sounds too… commercial :wink: (Muffin King, Donut King)

D4 Smiley Qu33n!


Lesbians have it so much easier than gay folks, most straight guys like or love the idea of two beautiful women getting it on, at least I do!!!:smiley: Besides!! most women don’t mind the idea of seeing other women sexualy.


Man loves women. Women loves man. Women love women. :smiley:


apparently women are the biggest buyers of Gay porn!


I get the impression, DaneR, that you might be a big fan of porn.


I have a good friend from college and he gets so much ass but my ex-girlfriend thinks he’s definitely gay. I can’t make up my mind. It kinda makes sense and he is very metrosexual but he gets a lot of hot girls and seems to enjoy having sex with them. I wonder if he really is gay though and struggling with it. He seems pretty depressed a lot and my ex thinks that’s why.


not me, none on this PC at all and certainly not any gay porn !!


Maybe it was just the enormous bouncing boobs in your avatar. I like porn! Anyone know Teagan Presly? She’s my new favorite pornstar except she was WAY better before her boob job. Sorry, off topic, I know.

Oh, Kyla Cole is my new favorite penthouse pet, btw.


Have you seen Natalie Portman in closer? I know she isn’t a porn start but I can wish can’t I. :bigsmile: Shes my new hot sluty movie start. :bigsmile:
Sorry to get off topic


I will definitely check that flick out. Natalie Portman IS hot, although I bet she’s really annoying in person.


what makes you think that she’s annoying in person?


I’ve read somewhere that Portman doesn’t mind the idea of sleeping with other women. I can’t wait for her to make a les movie.


but even women find the idea of two guys having sex offensive!!!



Well it seems not anymore. They choose Gay porn because the blokes have better bodies apparently. I’d guess there’s not much difference for them whatever they watch.