Are you straight?



I wouldn’t know whether or not my co-worker is into S&M but I’d probably know if he had a wife and kids, a girlfriend or that sort of thing, homosexuality isn’t a a sexual fetish. I wouldn’t tell everybody that I had sex last night but if I was asked what I got up to over the weekend I might mention something about going to a club with my girlfriend and thus revealing my sexuality. If your co-worker is gay it’s not gonna take long before it’s somehow revealed through natural conversation unless they’re specifically trying to hide it, which they wouldn’t have to do if it weren’t for the minority of people with juvenile attitudes towards people different from themselves. It seems like a lot of people here have lead pretty sheltered lives.


Quite many girls I knew were at least partly lesbians.

One of the girls who was my Hoobae (me being “senbai” to her) at HUFS French department in 1996-1998 told me her experiences. Once she was watching TV with her parents at home. Her father said something bad on some lesbian reports without knowing her own daughter was one. She stood up and announced, “Yes, I am a les” loudly. She’s about 140cm tall and was soon beaten to semi-death.

She later went to China, somewhere in Manchuria, perhaps to study Chinese and Marxism. At least one of her Marxist Senbai, a female who was one year younger than me, seemed to sleep often with her.

A girl with a nickname Jenny also told me she often slept with girls and that she liked females for sex. Since sex itself is tabooed in South Korea and nobody openly talks about it, there are a lot of dark sides, rarely discovered and documented. A lot of rapes and sexual abuses as well. Fashional divorces. Jenny was the first girl I loved as a female, and the last, but she seemed to date playboys only. (I already confessed I’m cold-blooded.)


My brains work slowly and stop every few minute due to headache that is always there. Other than that, it depends on the questions. It was highest with numbers and lowest with language (Korean, that is) but it would be the opposite if I work hard at English and if the tests are all in English. Nutrition is the most important factor in IQ I believe.


so …i voted…whats next?..need some prove??


Well I think you voted yes … saw the pic of you and your fam. :wink:


However, there are families of man and woman either where both are homosexual or where one of the two is. Marriage between different sexes does not always mean it’s a union of heterosexuals. (I never considered sex as a key factor for my own married life. I would rather have a sex robot.)


Mmmmmmmm sex robots not yet, but there are dolls already. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Some sex shops have got sex dolls with inbuilt vibrators … hmmmm…

Some very lonely Nerds have got alot of time on their hands … among other things.


i’m a freak i like my girl all over the place but i’m straight :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


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so is the dirty mind part. :iagree: :smiley:


nah i’m past puberty


That has nothing to do with puberty.


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Lesbians have it so much easier than gay folks, most straight guys like or love the idea of two beautiful women getting it on, at least I do!!!:smiley: Besides!! most women don’t mind the idea of seeing other women sexualy.


Man loves women. Women loves man. Women love women. :smiley:


apparently women are the biggest buyers of Gay porn!