Are you statisfied with your Pioneer 108/109 burner?

Are you statisfied with your Pioneer 108/109 burner?

IMO 108 and 109 shouldn’t be combined yet in such a poll…

I concur, 108 extremely happy with, 109 although I’m happy with it needs a bit of work in media support.

I agree, the 108 series was the best drive from Pioneer ever. :iagree:

Totally satisfied with my 108.

Totally satisfied with Pioneer 109, currently on SL media.

106 = good burn, good reader
108 = great burn, good reader
109 = so so burm, good reader
Nec 2500 = great burn , terrible reader

will buy benq 1620 to try next !

Yep 108’s great no reason to update to 109 or any other burner for that matter for quite a while, (if i do it aint for quality its just for the sake of it :slight_smile: )

Yep, with my 109!! Can’t believe how good of a DL @ 4x & 6x, as well as 16x on Verbatim burns I’m getting here (see my ::Good & Bad Media for 109/A09 :: thread)! It’s even better than what I’m getting off the LiteOn 1633S or my Plextor 716A!

It’s not to say the 109 is the ‘best’ for all uses – here, the Plextor 716A is quieter at tray open/close, and has Plextools for PI/PO scanning (offical product, not a 3rd party thing like CDSpeed/DVDInfoPro/etc).

But if you really want the very best PI/PO error charts on 6x DL burns, the 109 is it! I certainly have not seen any other drive (LiteOn, Sony, NEC, Plextor) do any better! And, the PI/PO error rates are so low on the 16x Verbatim burn, it’s astounding! (total less than 6500 PI errors!).

I’m using an Asus DRW 1604P so technically it’s just a rebadged Pioneer DVR-108. Since I flashed it from Asus->Pioneer->Piodata, I’ve been very happy with it. No probs whatsoever :smiley:

I agree. You wouldn’t put the :bow: 3500 with 3520 would you?
Unless you did this just to make the 109 look better then it its.

108 the best burner out at the moment a lot better than the 109 and twice as good as the nec 3520 which is a shit writer

                                 cheers   bighun1952

basically waiting for a sample unit…if not i will decide in the coming PC show we have here…

Happy with my 108

The Pioneer is very good (high media compatibility and very few errors in burning) but it reaches the top when it becomes a PIODATA by flashing it with the right firmware which adds +R bitsetting. All at a reasonable price.

What a stupid polll are you satisfied with your 108\109,they are different drives yet this poll classes them as the same,it should have been either are you happy with your 108 OR 109 not both in the one question,crap poll with no thought simple as.

I think that is what he meant :confused:

I’m happy with my pioneer 108

Modded firmware 108 YES (all version of firmware no probs from NILS)
What i read here about 109 so far NO