Are you smarter than a ... Bush?

We all know this game, right? Are you smarter than a fifth grader … stupidest game show ever … actually, not, but it’s close.

The aim of THIS game is to nominate the questions that the president of a major super-power should know the answers to:

1st grade English … err … American -> Pronounce Iraq & Iran.
2nd grade Geography -> Locate the Weapons of Mass Destruction and/or Iraq.
3rd Grade Science -> Evolution:
a) The Bush family evolved from monkeys.
b) Monkeys evolved from the Bush family.
c) The Bush family did not evolve, but the monkey did.
d) The Bush family came from a monkeys backside.

4th Grade Science -> Binoculars make things appear:
a) Larger
b) Smaller.
c) Stupider.
d) like the world is laughing at you.

5th grade history -> War is about:

  1. Clowns & Ferris wheels.
  2. Killing people & territory acquisition.
  3. Oil.
  4. Saving the environment.

2nd grade Mathematics -> If only rednecks vote for you, how many votes need to be rigged to win two consecutive elections.

1st grade computers -> Spell “Etch-a-Sketch”.

3rd grade Logic & Reasoning -> If providing classical weapons to an untrustworthy opposing country means you have to invade the country, depose and execute the despot, providing nuclear technology to another opposing country means …


1: pronounced Eran & Eraq.
2: Syria
3: a
4: a
5: 2 This is the Blilderberg(New World Order) method of population reduction.
One vote
The same thing.

Merry Christmas(screw political correctness)