Are you satisfied with your Plextor 7XX Burner

Grammatically on option two it should be I “would or will”.

I like my BenQ, but I just put a seventh hard drive in my tower and one of the ODDs had to go. Now using just the Litey CD burner and the PX-716A.

Gives me slightly better results than my Benq1620’s - so on a price basis a BenQ is “better” - but I always like to have an alternate drive to do a second burn should there ever ( rarely with either drive) be any problems.

I liked my old 708A and now, i like my 716A too!

In one of my rigs i have still old 708A installed. I use it very often and it works like a charm!

Loved my 708A and like my current 712SA even more

I love my 712 but is not the only burner I use.
The poll questions are too rigid.

i loved it …

I still use my ole 708a which was the first dvd burner. These days I use my BENQ 1620 much more. Both drives are excellent. :wink: :slight_smile:

my 712A is in my wife’s machine and gets plenty of use and the 708A is in the kids machine. both are still working great. I am using a BenQ 1620 in my machine right now but I am still tempted to get the 716A to go with the Plex Premium in my main machine.

Yes I like my 716, but my NEC 3500 burns every disk much better. Maybe with the new firmware, the quality on the 716 willl improve.

Most Supermicro motherboard users (counting only home users) are very satisfied. Most ECS motherboards users seem to be either unsatisfied or simply “I don’t care.”

I’ve found that my 712 is equal to my Benq1620

I really like my Plex 716, perhaps the PR could be a little less sensitive, but then again, my YUDEN T02 are perfect at 16X (mostly 12X because PR kicks in) and MCC02RG20 at 8X is also perfect. Those are about all the discs I use, I can buy them at a price of 45cent, so I don’t try to look for even cheaper media.

next time we’ll make polls public.

Yes! Happy/Happy/happy :cool:

Almost any DVD writer on the market today can do that much. Even my worst-performing 16x DVD writers are good with TY and some other disks. I guess Plextor users tend to use higher quality media than BTC or Samsung users. Since people who consciously buy Lite-On or BTC or Samsung optical drives usually choose such brand names for low cost, they are more likely to choose media (manufacturer) names like Princo and Infodisc. Likewise, most Supermicro motherboard users use expensive dual Xeon processors whereas most ECS motherboard users use cheapest processors like Athlon and C3 processors and they don’t try US$300 cooling and US$600 graphic cards on them.

Personally, my best Plextor drive was PX-W1210TA which I gave to a friend in Busan. Next is probably PX-40TSi. Third is PX-708A. Since it’s a question about 7XX burner, my answer is NO. What I liked most in PX-W1210TA was Plextor name. Next thing I liked in 1210TA was that it proved well about burn-proofing technology to prevent most buffer-underrun errors contrary to the claims from some people. Thid thing was that I could burn hundreds of disks in few days. What I disliked most in PX-708A was that the distributor in Seoul was arrogant and ignorant. Next was that much cheaper LDW-401S/411S could do nearly the same (and their distributor was very cooperative and knowledgeable.)

708, 712 now 716

Brilliant…until the 1.04u update, beware !!


I agree it should be done for all poll like this. :iagree:
And before someone says something, No I didn’t vote in this one. :slight_smile:

I have a plex 712a and it’s the slowest reader I have… but writes great .
I have tried it in two machines … on a pentium 4 3.2 1 gig of ram, and another machine a pentium 4 1.9 with a gig of ram … I have a liteon I do my reading and burning . so in my opinion plex doesn’t have anything on the liteon’s I also have a nec 3500a and two sohw-1633s besides the plex and if plex doesn’t do something to improve their read speed I will never buy a plex drive again … I have flashed the firmware to 1.06 nothing changed with the read speed . I have noticed that the plex and nec drive only run in dma mode 2 where the liteon sohw - 1633s and the liteon sohw- 812s run in mode 4 on same computers…