Are you psychic?

Well punk? Are ya? :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell us all about your psychic experience/s. :iagree:

When I look in an empty bottle nothing usually happens except from that I open a new one, but when I look in the last full bottle I can always see my self, running to the local liquor store. So I guess I’m kinda psychic.

“I see things I’ve dreamed.”
Deja Vu :wink:

^ Deja Vu

Depends what i’m smoking :slight_smile:

A strange story:

The house I live in has an attic with two rooms. One is my bedroom, the other one is a study with lots of books, my computer, and an extra bed (for visitors that stay and sleep). Well now, there are some things about this study I really can’t explain.

Sometimes at night I wake up hearing noises coming the study. Sometimes its the sound of books moving on the shelves, at other times its the bed sqeaking lightly (no, not rhythmic you pervert!). Twice, I have also heard knocking sounds coming from the study for at least a minute. Most of the time I check these sounds out to see if maybe my cat is in the study (he’s not allowed to be there, because he tends to make a mess of every room he goes), but I never found out where they come from.

A few things I’d like to straighten out in advance: I’m not psychotic, I don’t use drugs or medicines, don’t drink much alcohol, and don’t have people living with me who like practical jokes (like knocking on walls at 4 a.m.) I am the only one who hears these sounds and the study is the only room where I hear them.

Which brings me to why I post here: I once told my mom about these sounds and she suggested I have some psychic ability, being the only one who hears them. In reply, I suggested she had read too many books. Sounds harsh, but I think you should not try to explain things like that with far-fetched theories.

And to be honest, I don’t care a single bit about these things I hear. As long as I don’t wake up with a chainsaw-wielding zombie lying next to me in bed and don’t have my bathroom occupied by some poltergeist taking a shower it’s all fine with me.

Which brings me to the following: why isn’t there an “I hear sounds coming from another room” poll option?

Well, When my wife didn’t want to spend the night with me on my 40th birthday, I pictured us in court getting a divorce!! Does that count?

Ha! You’re replying to someone whose mum used to have a doll that’d cry when it was locked in the cupboard & used to always be on the couch watching TV when we got home, despite being locked in the cupboard when we left. And then after giving it to someone 800KM’s up the coast, turned up at our next door neighbours place 18 months later.