Are you Legit?

Well, is your copy of CloneCD/Nero/Blindwrite/CD Mate legit?

Just been wondering.

I hope this will stay anonymous.

As if we really didn’t know EVERYONE’S answer. except me of course :Z

Have been a proud owner of Nero for a while now, program is worth every cent of it. (as well as many other programs that you have not listed here)

Shareware policies are quite nice.

Nero 5.xx came bundled with my CD-writer so now I am entitled to nice free updates to the latest versions. Its so cool each time a new version comes out and I go to install it it just says “updating version xx” :slight_smile:

But then having said that I did pay like £160 for my cd-writer so I bloody well should get something with it :wink:

Yes Legit.

Clonecd paid for,
Nero came witha burner and that entitles updates.(actually have 2 copies that are paid for)
NTI and ROxio came with a burner

CDRwin also paid for

Yes I have a copy of Roxio EZCD Cremator but I dare not use it after all the problems.

Most of the stuff I have is legit now, except the collection in the closet.

Not really, own many copies of nero. Legitimately, CloneCD. Thats about it. Oh, also EASy CD Cremator. It sucked, it was included with the drive, and never did work with teh drive. Downloaded a demo of nero (this was two years ago,

Yep…Nero with my Burner
CD-Mate…paid for
CloneCD…testing…but looks promising:D

I have now just registerd CloneCD…thanks Olli:)