Are you involved in other projects?

Ooh, if you want to count music projects… I’m working on a couple of tracks too, and a remix.

i slit throats//…

I’d bet she’s the Front woman in ’Deemmu Borgir’ :bigsmile:

Are there any woman in that band?Saw the homepage,they all look the same.

Naahh, I was just kidding :D, but Mustis have got long black hair just like Dee-27.
However, she could never appear as ugly as he does.

I agree.

I don’t think it would be many members cup of tea. Its classical guitar music :slight_smile:

Django Reinhardt type stuff(or is he more jazz)?

Reinhardt, i’d say was more jazz, i play some jazz styles, but my style is more like Liona Boyd or John Williams.

I can honestly say that I’ve never heard of either.Saw her bio and I must say,she has lived quite a life.More easy listening eh?Thought John Williams might have been that composer but that’s not him.

Other projects… school, real life (these are the two eating up my time most recently)… and

Baby and wife… but I said it already too many times. :bigsmile:

I also have at least one secret project like nOBeLium. For nOBeLium, it must be Kus_Emmy. For me, space conquest. :slight_smile: (In South Korea, “space” was used to describe all the space outside the Earth planet.)

Life … as it is … is a huge project. More than enough for one person sometimes.

my projects are live live everyday as it would be your last one

Nope… none :sad:

Work (network admin) and home (wife & 8-year-old) take most of my time. Otherwise, I try to keep up on the latest security news (which, I guess, is work, lol)