Are you involved in other projects?

For example, do you anything funny in your free-time ?

I, for example, do some movies with friends, and we just got it sent to a national tv, because they were interested on it (we’re waiting for the reply now).

I’m also involved in a Unattended XP CD website, I’m a contributer there.

And now, I’m trying to write for a magazine here in my country :slight_smile:

I’m an official MS Beta Tester, but does that count :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Oh, I forgot I’m translating Thunderbird to my native language.

Also forgot to mention I’m a beta tester on 2 other private projects, which I’m not allowed to specify :wink:

What about you?

Pretty busy there, buddy. As for me, I’m involved in a top secret weed smoking project. I’ll let you know how it goes.

i’m involved. in a couple projects…but work and …Tax…take up the rest of my time…

Please tell me this is a joke about Tax taking up your life.

I dont have time time to get to involved in many projects. My kids take up most of my time and then my wife goes to school plus I just enrolled for computer programming my self so there wont be any time to do anything

MY GOD MAN 998 posts…told you …you were going to beat me to 1000

Sexy, how the hell did you get to 986 post already if you just joined in Jan 2005? You must be on this thing 24/7/356.

24/7 356? you have a short year there don’t ya…

we have 365 here…

i’m …talkative…if ya don’t think so…come to chat…and see

nah thats just a joke…

Chat where?

Chat here


I’m a game reviewer

How do I get a job like that? :confused:
Cooperate computers get boring after a while. :Z

I have computer projects at work, but in my free time, Im trying to make a project here for cdfreak. Im have written a basic manual on Bartpe bootable cd, advance user manual comes later if there is enough support for it. Im making some plugins for a Bartpe site. I am also on a couple sites about graphic card flashing/modding.

Other then that, I hate my computer!?!

By knowing the right people and teams. I was asked for it and i do it voluntarely. It’s not a job. It’s a Dutch gaming website. My last review can be found here.

awwww he didn’t ask…if you were my life…awww come on baby don’t cry… :wink:

Not officially, but privately I am working on porting a couple of applications from Linux to FreeBSD. :wink:

Outside freaks, with the spare time i have. I guess i’m trying to record enough tracks to make a CD.
I only started this music project 3 and bit years ago, so i guess there is no hurry :slight_smile:

What kinda music?