Are you infected with a spy?



Well it is a bit of old news....but i think a lot of people still don't know about it.
A lot of software is "infected" with a spy software.
You can read the story
Here you can find a list with all the infected software.
If you want to use a checker/cleaner follow this link..

Here a litle part of the that link: advpack.dll
These seem to be associated with Win OS, at least Win2k from some postings.

This one has an association with Media Player

This one has an association with DirectX

There have been reported blue screens with IE and Outlook from removing

*this means that you cannot delete all of the founded files.
I suggest delete all of the files EXEPT for ADVERT.DLL and AMCOMPAT.TLB.
Get your windows cd and put the ADVPACK.DLL and AMSTREAM.DLL from CAB29 of your cd to the system directory of windows.
This way you are sure you don't have any spy files on your computer and that you have only the originals.
Done this and my computer still works problems.


napster too, nap opens a port, when you trace that port, it goes to a inet commercial company, now guess whats beeing sent over there?

what you down, which sort of songs, and so, just for market prospecting, isnt this violation of privacy?

as its nowhere told on site or in prog


Yes…this is violation of privacy…a lot of it.

Some details from the first link:

Insufficient Pre-Installation Disclosure:
Inadequate Removal:
Inadequate Privacy Statement:
Operation even when host program is NOT running:
Continued operation AFTER host removal:
Full stealth operation through deferred demographic profiling

So thats why removed the junk from my computer…

This is a link to another artikel on cnet…


I use @Guard to close specific ports that are used by certain programs.
This makes it impossible for that program to connect via that port, it is also possible to close off a range of ports for certain software. If you know what port is used and you have Atguard installed then your problem is solved.

I know this does not work all the time but it certainly helps blocking certain ‘connect and tell all’ programs.



I use ZoneAlarm by ZoneLabs… You decide what goes in and out of your pc, and no one else…


i use @atgaurd, blackice, Za and some thing else i forgot the name, they help each other very well, all these logs of diff firewalls provide all toghether enough info to track em down

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Don no if you need it…but it’s ready to download…a good program that analysis your system and tels you if you have to worry about the spy software…look for it here