Are you going to do a good job today?



Well,here I am at work and not that impressed ,so I ask you-are you going to do a “good” job today?


sure am!
to get there: 0 minutes 0 seconds
Start time: whenever I feel like it
Hours a day: whatever I feel like


Bugger off , i’m busy


Lets see…
I slept 4.5Hrs last night, down from 6hrs.
Travelled for 2hrs and then have to work 9.

Can just imagine It’s some of my best work :wink:

Methinks I could be a creative artist at this point in time.

Delirious is a good state right?
It’s the precursor to deliriously happy :slight_smile:


Sure I’m doing a good job. I already posted 3 newsitems on our mainpage during my time at work :bigsmile:


I did for sure. Won’t happen again! I promise.:bigsmile:


I always do a good job! Had work pays off! :bigsmile:


Originally posted by Ssseth
I always do a good job! Had work pays off! :bigsmile:

Hardwork pay off in the future.
Laziness pays off now and forever :slight_smile: