Are you clueless?



Do you feel that you have no idea what’s going on around you?
Do things happen to you that you had no inkling of?
Has a partner ever broken up with you because they can no longer stand all the lying and cheating, and you have no idea what they are talking about?
Do you work at an oil refinery & haven’t given up smoking yet?

You could be clueless!

Are you clueless?


I was about to say no, but then saw the push-pull door confusion option.
Completely guilty… :o

So much so, that our Sales team at work put the Far Side cartoon of Midvale School for the Gifted in as my company profile picture, and completely independendly, one of my friends bought me a tea mug with the same picture on :o


Take comfort in the thought that maybe the door didn’t close on the way out & he just went back to close it :wink:


How do I post in this thread? :confused:

Please? Someone? Help me!!! :sad:

P.S. I’m blonde.


These people are


I am not clueless!!! I find that insulting!!

Hang on…

did I already post of this thread…? :confused:



LMAO !!! @ “I am British and I play cricket”

Some of those poll choices are hilarious!


I was 100% serious when creating this poll. I am always 100% serious.


Aye the England cricket team is the definition of clueless