Are you bored, own a 1633, and want to help a lazy guy out?



Well not exactly lazy, I do work 60 hours a week, my 9-6pm and home business

I guess I am spoiled by the benq forum, everyone has a 1620, and someone hosts a website with all the official retail and generic as well as hacked firmwares.

I just got a 1633 for a great deal, 58$ for a shipped retail, too bad it looks no different than a generic. Do they not have enough pride or too cheap to put a liteon sticker on the front?

Anyways I would like to know what is the best firmware to use, and if there is any hacked firmware what advantage am I to gain? I tried searching here last week, when i had a free half hour, but couldnt find a conclusive answer.

Also I would like to crossflash this to whatever it can be flashed too, and is it possible to get a liteon label anywhere?
Hey Im american, we are all label whores!

The retail benq 1620 is def worth, looks a lot slicker, glossy black, slim profile button… I dont see why a benq fan wouldnt shell out the extra 20 bucks i paid. Thats what suprises me with liteon

Also if you are still reading, have you had any media nightmares with your 1633, if so which media code and which firmware

thanks a bunch
any comments or LINKS(please) will be very appreciated :bow:


BS41 seems to be the best of of the generally poor 1633 firmwares. although to be honest it probably isn’t the fault of the firmware… :wink:


@ charm
probably the best, latest 1633 thread for firmwares
BS0x vs. BS4x vs. CS0x … which is better?

also the release of new 1653 firmware CS0C thread


I’ve had a nightmare with my 1633s, 832s, 401@811s, using the Legacy 8x +R disks and that is with using several
different firmwares on each drive. The disks that I received were Prodisc R-03’s and I only had one (1) disk out of
50 that was half way readable and all the rest of them were coasters. Now if I was just trying to use them on just
one drive that would be different but all 3 drives doing the same way :confused: I bought some Fuji Film 8x -R that are Prodisc
F01 and they burn almost flawless on all 3 drives and another brand that burns great is Ritek 4x +R RICOHJPN R01 disks
on the 1633s drive with any firmware. I’d have to advise anyone using a Liteon drive to stay away from the Legacy 8x +R
disks here is a picture of the disks that I wasted my $$$$ on :frowning: