Are you and your friends aware of this Whatsapp voicemail scam?

As we used to have our e-mail addresses publically posted on the site, our e-mail addresses have become enormous spam traps, I think if there’s spam we get it. Fortunately everything is all routed through Gmail, so I hardly see it spam, except for the moment I browse through it to make sure normal mail isn’t lost.

Then I saw this and for a moment I thought, UH!? But it’s a scam, tries to trick into visiting a .ru site. So be warned and warn others too!

I also posted it on our Facebook page for easy sharing, I guess that’s also where the audience is that would fall for this :wink:

I have this app…never got this message…

It’s well worth knowing these things though as it could save someone some grief.


I received this same scam also a few days ago. I don’t use Whatsapp either.

It’s quite crafty what the scammers have been up, some as the following I received in recent weeks:

[li]Wedding invite - This one used a stylish font, even mentioned two made up names, times, etc. It said to fill out the attachment, which was a zipped EXE file.
[/li][li]Amazon invoice - It was forwarded to me from a colleague on holidays as she said her iPhone didn’t support the attachment and was concerned someone used her account to place an order. Turned out to be a fake Amazon order with a zipped EXE file.
[/li][li]Fake extensions - While most virus checkers automatically catch a double extension (like .txt.exe), they don’t tend to catch those use anything other than the normal dot before the fake first extension.

Of course there’s still the fake courier delivery notices, but it’s just recently that I started seeing various others. I do find it rather odd that some virus checkers (particularly AVG) don’t have the ability to automatically quarantine all zipped EXE files in e-mail attachments.