Are you an Idiot?

Take the test to find out

Do not have to take a test my wife already knows I am.

Personally I’d say yes, but apparently I am almost average… :confused:

Doubt it.


well, yes, we’re brilliant idiots :slight_smile:

Me is brilliant too. Keen enough to jot down Bl3 Gr3 Y2 and R4 before taking that last test :slight_smile:

That test is stupid

I need no test to prove I’m an idiot :bigsmile:

But as Bronco04 said, we’re brilliant idiots - and no, I didn’t take the test, I couldn’t get it to load. Possibly because I have Flash disabled or don’t have the latest Java installed.

probably you haven’t passed the test.(Airhead)

:bigsmile: jk


You didn’t install bloated security risks which may harm your computer for ever??? That’s just stupid!


ROTFL! :bigsmile:

                                  :iagree:  The only idiot is the one that gave his information for the [b]CONGRADULATION  [/b]you are the 999.999 th customer 

leave all personal details .:doh: AT school they would not tell my mom the outcom of my IQ test MENSA Hadent been established yet.:stuck_out_tongue:

Im no idiot :disagree:

Wow, I’m an idiot. LOL.

I was a big enough idiot to start the test, but not a big enough idiot to start all over after hitting the Rewind button when I didn’t hit the button within the fraction of a second allowed to hit it. :doh:

Yeah, I guess I’m an idiot because I lost with the lightest blue square.

Yay. I passed … spot the enthusiasm.

I demand a skippy badge.