Are you agressive?

It’s high temperature on the planet! (Except all those freakers living on the north- or southpole i guess). This makes people cranky and perhaps even agressive! Are you agressive in this weather?

i voted PMS

As did I. LOL.

Gentlemen, this is not a safe place to be…Leave now before things get crazy…

A wise man once said nothing and simply listened. /.

lmao well ALL of us women don’t have PMS…

but sure with the heat over here above 100 F …it makes me a lil more grumpy…

Hehehe…well at the moment it is mainly down to the weather, I must admit. And even then, I’m fairly even-tempered til someone asks me to do six things at once (cough mother cough)


don’t worry…no one will be hurt as long as i have a steady supply of chocolate…

I am totally agressive…
That’s because I am a technical expert for a company that make some BCP machines (I won’t tell the Brand, but it’s a very famous one). I am sick and tired of customer who call and expect me to find exactly what’s wrong with their machine(s)
It is question like "My engine will not start … what is it?"
I use to be calm and try to troobleshoot with them, but now I answer “prey god, it will start!”


Sometimes. Sometimes I’m faced with a situation where I know it can be dangerous to escalate, but I just can’t help myself.

Instead of remaining calm and dealing, I up the ante and have to face the consequences :a

I’m with ^^^. I’m usually very calm and friendly but once a switch gets flicked, the Devil takes over :a

Another stupid poll? You are so dead Mr. B!! :a