Are you afraid of the dark?

Ok, since someone mentioned something related, I remembered by brother Oh so many years ago. When he turned off the light, he’d sprint the 3 metres between the light switch and his bed and dive under his covers and stay there the rest of the night.

Having just recently slept without my gf beside me in bed, I felt the eery silence, the howl of the wind, the footsteps around the garden, the tap of tree branches on the window.

It’s time to post a poll, the Poll we had to have!

How well do you sleep in the dark?
Are you afraid of the dark, and sleep with the lights on? Night-light? Do you bathe in the eery glow emanating from your PC’s LED’s? Or do you revel in the pitch black because you’re a creature of darkness? Does the endless tick of the clock keep you awake? What about the monster in your closet, the bogeyman under the bed? The possesed dolls & teddy bears waiting for the moment you are at your least vulnerable! The axe murdered in the hallway…

Bwuhahahahhaa! (evil maniacal laughter).

I hate light, I hate the sun, and I especially hate computer components that lights up. Thus, I don’t turn on lights in my house. Yes, I walk around like complete darkness in my mouse. I prefer overcast and foggy days to the damn blinding sunny days. And I tape over all the external LEDs on my computer components w/ black electrical tape.

I like big girls though. Man, Sara Rue on Celebrity Poker was HOT!

Hmmmm. Sounds like just the sort of place Bin Laden would hang out.
Dark, dingy, porn …
What more does a fictitious guy need?

Light…my mortal enemy…so I don’t use any monitors when computing, I just imaging how nice the CD Freaks Forums must be…:slight_smile:

Hmm I enjoy the dark, but I love the light as well.

The light is good, especially on hot sunny days. Anybody that likes babe spotting? :slight_smile:

The dark is good as well… perfectly for doing things like reading, playing with the comps :), enjoying a good Scotch or what so ever… and of course for listening to good, dark music. I love it when it’s dark and I can listen to some kind of gothic metal :slight_smile:

Both are fun. I would rather be outside at night then in the afternoon.

Downtown that is :).

I like snow at night. Fresh stuff that I am the first to walk on.

Light good - Darkness good but for different things.

Something like that in your siggy perhaps? :slight_smile:

Lolololololololol :slight_smile:

Me too! I love a good snowstorm in the night, as long as I do not freeze.

Yes that’s very nice for shooting good pictures!

Did anyone mention the BBQ yet? :smiley:

OMG, that was funny! :smiley:

usually no, but only when i see a scary/thriller movie, or see a documentary about ghosts.