Are you addicted to CDFREAKS.COM



i want to know who of you is spending every free minute at cdfreaks???


I sleep just under the F.A.Q in this forum. So you could say I live here.


Early December I started hovering around this forum, looking at the guides. Then I decided to post my first question about which burner was better, ASUS or LiteON. I didn’t start venturing into other forums until about a week later. Due to where I live and my school, I always find time to spend at least 2 hours here. But there are some days I don’t feel like going on.


I have hell lot of free time . another 1 and half months more for my school holidays to end :wink: and cdfreaks has almost become a second-home to me :slight_smile:




Of course!!!



twitch twitch


I live here as well. In a couple of years I will move to the CD Freaks retirement home for people that have been crew members for more than 5 years :).


Darn… need 3 more years :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you kidding me? I got banned from other forums for putting cdfreaks in my sig. Those bastards.


What forum was that … wait, can i guess? :wink:


I used to :slight_smile:


Came by for the first time ever in early January when researching for my first ever DVD burner. Didn’t know a single thing about DVD burning back then. OC’s review convinced me to get a LiteOn, and what started as a let’s-find-a-review is now an… addiction! :bigsmile:


Of course I’m not addicted.

Jut give me one more post, just one, thats all I need. Then i’ll stop. It will be the last one I promise. No more. All I need is that last post to get me off it. Just one more little post. What harm can it do. None thats how much. Just one more. Come on who will give me just one more question to answer. One final time. The last time I promise. No more ever. Just this last one.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That felt good. I’m sure one more won’t hurt anyone now will it…


Hello everybody, my name is Hemi Spasm and i am clean. I havent posted for the past 1 hour or so.



ROFL thats made my day :stuck_out_tongue: , yes I feel like that sometimes but lately other commitments have kept me away from visiting as often as I’d like:sad: .


You have 3 chances.


Early December myself. Otherwise it’s the exact same story for me :smiley:


when i started in december i was not thinking that i will also be here in may,
but here are so many interesting storys and tut´s that a man (or girl) must be addicted to this page.

i started browsing the btc forum ( thx to marco for his perfect support) and now i´m browsing around the forums nearly every free minute. :iagree:


I used to talk on here. Some people remember my evil & twisted postings…

But I found another forum that is more in line with my life… VIDEO GAMES and more VIDEO GAMES ( What can I say.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in here and decided to check it out. I am opening my own business (A video game repair/restoration/monitor repair/retro-arcade hangout/shop). Gonna have a bunch of old classic games for play & all will be for sale.
Gonna fix em’ up & make em’ look new and probably fix monitors and other arcades if people want to bring em’ in for me to fix.

So you can see why I chat with those guys at KLOV alot.


But you’re all still cool. (The ones still here).