Are you accident prone?

My mother has had a (complete) set of Corel, practically unbreakable, dinnerware for longer than I’ve been alive, despite my father being the roughest person alive … except for one. I fondly remember dropping these onto ceramic tiles many times, with not even the tiniest scratch resulting.

I had a set of Corel dinnerware for 7 years, I’ve smacked dinner plates against taps, bench corners, dropped them on the floor, drop kicked them the the length of the living room, to bounce off various metal objects … and I’ve never managed to break , nor even chip, a single item in the set.

Enter … my girlfriend. In the first week, she shattered one of the bowls, incidentally, the same week that retail stores ran out of & ceased stocking single items in the range, rather than the complete sets.

Forward a few weeks, and another of the cups are chipped. One bowl is chipped, and I’ve buried a tea-saucer. Luckily I manage to find a replacement cup at the last bastion of on-sale stock at a retail store.
Forward another week … another cup is chipped … there is no more replacements.

A set which lasted me for 5 years, despite the rough housing and smacking around with metal objects, fall apart in the onslaught of my girlfriends handling techniques.

Today, yet another victim in the unbreakable set.

I’m considering starting a demolition company. I’ll use my girlfriend as the wrecking ball … swing her up to the building … and tap, tap … the building comes crumbling down.

When will the horror end? :sad::sad:

That said … are you accident prone?

When you go over the edge, please write back about what is on the other side.
All the best…it was nice knowing you.

lolol, man, wow. Well, um, she must be a hell of a girl Debro! Between this and your car, well, I can’t say what I’d do. I know it’s hard to stay mad at my beloved too. Yes, she too is accident prone. Perhaps you should change the title to, “Is your S/O accident prone?” lol I’d advise you get a bullet-proof cup and where it whenever you’re going to spent much time in close proximity, such as when sleeping together. There are some things we just don’t want chipped, broken or otherwise damaged in ANY WAY! :slight_smile:


Yes. I’m forever dropping things, tripping over things, or bumping into things.

Too many instances to pick just one. :slight_smile:

Luckily I seem to be very careful when it comes to my PC :eek:

No me. Our animals (2 cats and 1 big dog) break most of the stuff around the house. Dog breaks stuff outside.
Now my mother-in-law is very accident prone. Yes she’s old (78) but from what i’ve been told she’s always been that way. She can trip on air :eek: :bigsmile:

No, I’m not accident prone. I’ve never broken a bone, nose, or even chipped a tooth.

…but I am prone to SEE an accident! :stuck_out_tongue:

The question concerning this theory is … whether she is naturally accident prone, or whether her natural ability is attracted to certain objects.

If the cup protection is used, will that then then constitute a subconscious duel of physics …

I certainly don’t want a force that destroys unbreakable objects challenging anything near my Goolies.

Edit :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d say:

  1. Stick her
  2. Shoot her
  3. Cut her up in little pieces
  4. Tell the police it wasn’t you :flower:

How does it go…?

[B]What will happen when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?[/B]

A very good point indeed. Besides, I imagine she’s probably more fond of that than cups and saucers, or even your car. (At least, I’d certainly HOPE SO! :wink: ) I’m pullin’ for ya man. Like I said, I’ve got one with pretty buttery fingers myself.



DW - is certainly accident prone - we have had two sets of Corelle Dinnerware in our marriage - one when first married and another acquired within the last six months - reason for the reacquisition was the fumble fingering of the DW - and to date she has not been able to break one - let alone a half dozen - so Debro - I feel your pain mate-eh!

Holy crap, you must be dating my ex. That girl is one of the most accident prone people I have met in my life:

Among the incidents that I can remember off the top of my head:

  1. Her and her mom were horseplaying and she ran to get away from her. She slipped on the carpet and slid on her back down the hallway and slammed her butt into the grandfather clock at the end.

  2. Went downstairs and didn’t bother turning the lights on. Heard a thump and some assorted cursings and went downstairs to see what happened. Turned on the lights to find her sprawled on the floor nursing a cut toe. She had stubbed her toe on the livingroom stand.

  3. Was downstairs watching TV, heard her start coming down the stairs and she started saying “Jester, I. . .” (my real name omitted for security purposes) followed immediately by three thumps on the stairs as she slipped and fell halfway down the stairs.

  4. She had the bright idea one day to tackle yet another staircase while wearing high-heeled sandals. I heard her going downstairs and towards the bottom, I heard several thumps. I called out to see if she was okay and asked if she had fallen down the stairs. I had to call out a couple of times before she responded in a shakey voice denying that she had fallen down the stairs. Somehow one of her feet had slipped out of her sandal resulting in her falling down the stairs.

  5. Ran a red light and was T-boned by another car.

She was a dark brunette but I swear that deep down in her roots you would find nothing but blonde.

Aritifical Intelligence?

Intelligence don’t enter into this contest, I’m afraid. :wink:

I am Hopeless with knives.
In the Kitchen always nicking myself.
bought a food Prossessor to save a bit of shin.:slight_smile:

Hehe…I’m only hopeless with knives when I put them in the washing up bowl and forget they’re there :o

Fixed your quote BTW :flower:

Note to self Do not give Arachne a Cutlary set on her Wedding Day.

I once almost broke a toe simply going down a flight of stairs without shoes or socks on…i think that’s pretty impressive :stuck_out_tongue: