Are you a terrorist?



If you don´t know IF you are a terrorist and would like to know before you take a flight for e.g??Check this out:


I don’t think this works very well. I put in George Bush and Dick Cheney and although their names are there alright, they don’t get hilighted.


:bigsmile: :bow: Every question has it´s faults :bigsmile:



I put in “Gene Simmons” and it came up red-eh!!!


Seems to work…Osama Bin Laden came up with a double red

Edit: but Adolf Hitler was “no matches found” :doh:


Well, he would be 118 years old by now, so how much of a threat could he be? :stuck_out_tongue:


But they started this “test” process in 1918…and they missed him back then too :stuck_out_tongue:


yay i’m not a terrorist


Yo Waz-

I - for one - am sure glad to hear that-eh!


< grammar terrorist! :cop:


[B]^Fart[/B] Terrorist-eh!




hahaha, I came up double red