Are you a military veteran

I know a few others beside myself are veterans.

Please post if you are vet and which branch/branches you served.

I did 15 navy and 15 army national guard.

I was surprised when I found that after my 30 years of service, I’m not eligible for any VA medical assistance, because I make too much (what a laugh).
yet my mother’s youngest son who didn’t even finish boot camp and was kicked out, is now getting full benefits and assistance. My brother a year younger than me, us getting benefits, and he was only in for 4 years.

Is it just me, or does our society seem to reward slackers…

First Lieutenant USAF, 65-69, Basic and OTS at Lackland AFB in Texas, then went to Nam in late 65. Pay grade was O-2 went I went home.:wink:

[QUOTE=harley2ride;2726065]Is it just me, or does our society seem to reward slackers…[/QUOTE]

First, thank you, and all who respond here, for your service.

I am speaking only for the USA here but it does seem that the parasites are greatly outnumbering the hosts in our society. Government is consuming the private sector at a pace that will soon break its economic back. When the collapse comes it will happen fast and catch most people completely by surprise.

Army drafted 1969-71 Panama Canal Zone sp4 RTO Fort Knox, Kentucky for basic and fort Ord, Califoria for ait than 18 months Fort Kobbe ,Panama


US Army 1963-1967 - SGT E-5 Military Policeman stationed at Bremerhaven, Germany

To all the other CDF VETS = Thank you for your service-eh!!! :bow: :clap: :bow: :clap:

USN 68-72, did 3 Westpac cruises. The VA also tells me that I make too much for medical assistance.

Army 72 to 75 Basic Fort Polk. La
AIT Fort Leonard Wood, Mo

Then 2 1/2 years in Darmstadt Germany
Barely got my SP4 back when I got out

USN 1961 - 1980 5 Viet Nam (Westpac) cruises, VT 27 New Iberia, Louisiana, San Diego CA. 2 VT 24 and VT 25 Beeville TX, Albuquerque, NM Virginia Beach VA


Thanks for your service guys! :clap:

USAF for seven years

Army 70-72 Vietnam 70-71 173rd 3rd of the 503rd