Are you a Computer Nerd?

heres a test to see … Computer Nerd Test

here is my result

High-Level Computer Geek. All of those below you are envious of you! (…Well perhaps not the cool people)

11% scored higher (more computer geeky),
0% scored the same, and
89% scored lower (less geeky).

Oh man thats a long quiz … I dont have time to that ... Ill just spend that 30min on CS either

Hi :slight_smile:
My score was 10. :doh: no I mean :clap: :iagree:

To be honest the only people that take these kind of tests are nerds, so the content/result of the test is pretty irrelicant.

drinkin again ben? you seem a bit cranky

Actually, in that case, it means the results look much less nerdy than what they are.

SS, you are among the nerdiest of the nerdy!


Does this mean that I am guilty of nerd worship too-eh?

I don’t know what’s nerdier … being a nerd, or worshipping one …


[b]17%[/b] are scared of links
					[b]17%[/b] of Windows users curse it
					[b]4%[/b] of Linux users selected Bill Gates as their hero

I’d just like to point out that according to a test, which is demographically skewed & highly inaccurate, I am more normal than SS :stuck_out_tongue:


I can accept that - but slayerkink is sure to have something to say about it-eh

isn’t that hard to say while

Scored a little lower than I would have thought (24).

Not at all …

Um … I think I’ll just remove one of my feet from my mouth.


Well - I scored a ‘64’ - so I’m sorta nerdy - guess that we already knew that-eh!


Score 87

I expected around 90% :slight_smile:

Not quite the geek you thought you were? Thats what you get for having a social life!!!

:o :o

haha, not as bad as i thought it would have been.

Well, as everyone knows, I’m a complete computer illiterate.

Score of 13. :bigsmile: