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Question on how the “Max” settings really work with Clone…

I have a Lite-On LTR48125W (48x 12x 48x, as most of you know). Although, I’ve read that the Lite-On AUDIO READ Speed is 18X.

My question is this… When Clony XXL speed settings all indicate MAX (READ SPEED, READ SPEED FOR AUDIO, and WRITE SPEED), what will that mean if I’m using a 40X CDR?

(1) Do I need to manually do the settings to something like… READ SPEED = 48X, READ SPEED FOR AUDIO = 18X, and WRITE SPEED = 40X (<—depending on the CDR speed)?

Or will Clony XXL and/or Clone translate my hardware “Maxes” and the CDR media’s “Maxes” and do all that automatically?

I know I can set them all to like 4X to ensure a smooth recording, but my question pertains to the “max settings” and how that REALLY works.

Thanks for your help guys. I’m learning.

If it’s set for max, your reader/writer will simply read/write at the highest speed that it can.

Thank you very much for the response. It won’t try to write at 48x though will it (since my writer can go that fast)?

In this case, the CDR goes at 40x and I was wondering if writing at 48x would then mess it up. Just curoius.

Maybe it’ll only go 40x based on the speed of the media (CDR) and it’ll also consider the speed of the drives. Thanks again.

You have a Lite-On writer so you can use the Smart Media Check program to see how fast your writer will write your media. Personally I’ve seen that what the writer ‘thinks’ is the best speed for the media, is not always correct. Read my VisionTek/Lite-On 48X review (page 11) to see what I mean.