Are you a Brew Master?

Well starting a new Poll here to find out how many of you are brewing something like wine, beer, ore booze and starting this new thread I also inform you that there are now a Open Source Beer !!! ”Vores Øl, ver. 1.0”
From the ver. 1.0 you can see that they have made room for improvement :bigsmile: You can read more about it here :
It`s a Danish site but you can find links to a Creative Commons License in many languages.

i brew noxiuos gases by drinking beer :Z

hmm did we need to know that ?

Tried it, it sucked (taste like ass), I’ll stick to buying it.

Does ass taste like chicken?

I guess that would depend on wether it was a chickens ass or not!!!

I have brewed real ale since I was 14 yrs old and wine for the last 40 yrs.
If you want to brew decent beer then get the book by David Line ~ Brewing beers those you buy. Isbn 0 85242 969X
It starts off from the very basic to advanced brewing that anyone can follow.
There are pages of recipes for mostly British beers but also from around the world.
If you really want to brew good beer I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

took the words out of my mouth :clap: or the sound from the rear :slight_smile:

Crazy beer obsessed danes :smiley:
Why brew when you can go to Germany :stuck_out_tongue:


Why brew when you can go friends :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree:

I made some kick ass hard cider one time, it was about 8% alcohol, and a little on the fizzy side! If you shook the bottles too much, they’d explode! Too much priming sugar, I used empty 2 liter bottles! It was good though, tasted like fizzy apple beer type stuff, hard to explain, but 1 2 liter, and you were good to go. God help you if you drank that more than one night in a row though, you would spend the whole next day on the toilet! It was a little hard on the old digestive system, it could come out faster than it went in. :eek: :Z :Z :Z :doh: I made that a few times, and it’s good for something home made. I dunno, seems like when you try to make beer, you wind up with too much dead yeast. :Z I actually tried making a still one time too, and it worked OK. I just didn’t have the patience to sit there and wait for it to slowly distill, so t didn’t come out very good! It was flamable and could strip paint though! I dunno, seems to me it’s easier and cheaper to buy booze, not to mention it tastes better :rolleyes: . I’d try making more booze, but the still is a PITA to operate in the kitchen. It’s just not worth it. Now making hard cider is my specialty, I have to make a big batch this fall. I usually use a 6 gallon bottle and start with 5.5 gallons. I use the cider that a local orchard makes, good stuff! By the time it’s done, I wind up with a little more than 5 gallons. The first ferment takes about 2 weeks, and then I rack it and add clearing tablets. I let it sit for at least another week, maybe 2 if it’s still bubling, and then I rack it again, add priming sugar, and bottle it. I add a little less than a cup of corn sugar for priming, and it makes some good hard cider with lots of fizz! Let it sit for at least 2 months in the bottles, there will be a little bit of yeast that settles out of them. Try not to disturb it when pouring or it tastes NASTY. If that stuff does get disturbed, let it set for another week. :iagree:

Of course, I brew cups of tea all the time. :bigsmile: