Are we to uninstall old Clone CD first?

Just wanted to know , the Clone used to uninstall it’s self & then reinstall . The new clone doesn’t & I notice my Clone CD keeps growing in size , it’s over 5mb now & new Clone D/L is only 1.84mb . :confused:


Hi there rag,

I hav brought up the very same question in one of the threads and here is what Olli said,


I uninstalled CCD 4.0 completley as the upgrade from B9 to B!$ did not uninstall the perivious version as it normally does, which was pretty strange ! <


This is intentional. The new installer system allows this.

Hope this helps

Thanks PaRaDoX I saw that thread of yours before I asked this , just wanted to know why we would want our Clone to grow instead of doing a cleanout & starting fresh ?

Everything is working fine so maybe I should be happy with Large Clone CD…:confused: getting more for My Money:cool:

I think the size of 5MB is about right even if you do a clean install. The setup will extract files to your install folder and thus will become larger than the original setup.exe. My folder size:

BETA 14 (5.095.739 bytes), after installing BETA 17 (5.097.258 bytes) [including Locale Editor]

G@M3FR3@K Thanks