Are we due for new firmware for the 109? What do you want fixed?

It has been a month or so since a firmware release… Is there one coming soon? they have been releasing them about a month apart… i think…

I like my A09… but it still needs some improvement

  1. Fix the buffer under-run issue

  2. Fix rings that form on the burns

  3. Pure CAV would be nice too…

  4. Bitsetting… but it won’t happen…

What would you like to see fixed?

Be able to burn CD-R would help

i burn cd-r actually, where’s the problem smee2?

  1. Actually burn Verbatim MCC 02RG20 the way the latest Pioneer should.

Ahh the evil ring, Not because we are not used to a feature mean it need to be removed, the ring are the result of ZCAV and the real time laser calibration.

The ring are the result of the unit adjusting it’s burning power as well as the zcav speed change they may need to tweak it but I doubt it would be a progress if they remove it.

I do agree on the new firmware, since this unit is bringing so much new feature and there’s still issue left for some a new one would be welcome anytime :slight_smile:

The 109’er burns them already much better then the 107/108. I made some scans with the plex. so i know, what i’m talking about.

Whatever you say

And no there is nothing wrong with my LiteOn and no 108 burnt MCC’s do not spike like this.

@Mr. brownstone:

That’s weird.
Check out the scans on my site:

Hi :slight_smile:

I have the same “spiky” disappointing results than Mr. Brownstone, on the 109 with MCC02RG20 (Verbatim Datalife PLus), would it be burnt @8x, 6x or 4x.

Sometimes spikes get as high as 900+ and I get 20-30 of them…

It’s very disappointing, even more because cheap Ridiscs (RitekG04) burnt on my 109 have better PI/PO scans. And I bought the more expensive Verbatims!!

Considering Tomkolle’s results with the MCC02RG20 Verbatims, could it be a media (batch) issue? Verbatims distributed in Germany would be of better manufacture…? Mmmmhhh… Go figure… :confused: