Are We Done Yet Problem

This is to see if anyone else had a problem with this movie, or just me. I used DEVFab Gold to do Main Movie. It had a jumping in one area, and freezing in another. This was near the end of the movie. It would go ahead and play on. Yes, I know there is a new beta out, but I leave them to the people who are smarter than I to check them out, and if all is fine I get the release version later. Would like to know if anyone had the same proble as I.
By the way, I used another program to redo the movie and it came out good.

Try using some Verbatim media and burning at no faster than 8X.:iagree:

Yes, I was using Verbatim and I burn at 6x.

I bought a copy of ARE WE DONE YET,and copied it with no problem.I agree that it
could be the dvd recording media you are using,or you may just have a bad copy of the movie. I used The new version of dvdfab I suggest you check for
scratches,and dents finger prints can also cause problems.
Good Luck ZAP.

Try V3.1.6.2 just released today 8/12/07:iagree: