Are We Done Yet?/I Think I Love My Wife - Issue

I have an issue with copying a clone on:
Are We Done Yet?
I Think I Love My Wife

I’ve tried all of the work arounds that I know, but still no luck. I realize that this is an issue that was addressed on the latest Beta release, so I thought that I’d chime in on these two movies just FYI

What’s the problem/error code in detail?

Are you copy a cloned disc made by DVDFab old version? If so, you can clone a new one with Beta to see the result.

Thank you Fengtao. The initial back-up went perfect using DVDFab Platinum Beta. I usually use Nero to clone a back-up, and when that didn’t work I tried to clone a back-up using Beta and that didn’t work either. I tried a few other methods, but nothing else worked either.

I ripped “Are We Done Yet?” with DvdFab Gold Beta and compressed it with Dvd Shrink and burned it with ImgBurn with no problems.

Exactly :wink: This thread was to share the difficulty level that we’re currently experiencing with these newer movies. I was also adding that when you try to copy the “clone”, it still seems to be protected or have some of scripting error involved that blocks that ability. For example, take a movie that you backed up a month or so ago and try to copy the back-up. It’ll work. Try to copy the back-up of Are We Done Yet? or I Think I Love My Wife and you’ll see the point of this thread :slight_smile: